Shift Happens – R U Evergreen?


Recently, I came across a newsletter article that I had written (many) years ago, here is an excerpt …

“Unrelenting, gut-wrenching change dominates business in Toronto, Canada and in the world. Even as the corporate grave-yards fill and the whiners wail, others embrace change as an opportunity to beat their competition, to explore new markets, to pursue great dreams. These embracers of change, from corporate giants to small upstrats, know that the key to success is in being Evergreen. …”

That was then – fast forward to today …

We are living through what some now call “The Great Recession”. However, it appears not to be just a slow-down in business-as-usual, but a profoundly fundamental structural shift in our economy, the way we do business and with whom, including the way we communicate, function, and relate to each other in our personal and professional lives.

What is driving this “shift” and where is it taking us?

Did you know … ?

(Note: For the original version, additional versions and interesting topical variations, search for “shift happens” on YouTube.)

In the meantime, R U Evergreen?



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