Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

In their book “Blue Ocean Strategy”, authors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne claim to show you “How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant” – this is a bold claim.

Life-cycle Process

Like a cook testing recipes in a new cookbook, I applied a number of the models and templates to my business and found them to be interesting, illuminating, and useful.

Among them, along with great examples and related insights:

  • Strategy Canvas
  • Four Actions Framework
  • Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid
  • Buyer Utility Map
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In short, “Blue Ocean Strategy” is well worth reading.  The book is easy to read; the models are logical, coherent, and well integrated; and the insights are interesting, valuable, and highly actionable.

For more information, here is the website:



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