Spring Has Sprung And The Sap Is Running … ;~)

The snow and ice, which can be pretty daunting (as the pic below shows) have been gone from the Humber Trail for about a month now (since early March) and I’m back to running my favourite sections and routes.

Piles of ice on the bank of the Humber River

The Humber Trail, except for a couple of breaks, extends as a paved path continuously from the Humber Arboretum in the north-west corner of the city down to Lake Ontario where it joins the Waterfront Trail.

I really and truly hate the treadmill, but the trail is not cleared during winter, so I run on local side streets whenever the sidewalks and roads are clear of snow, ice, and slush – and when the wind isn’t too bad.

Though it gets busier in some spots than in others, it’s never really crowded – walkers, runners, cyclists, nature lovers, photographers, picnickers, children, seniors – all share the path with little enmity (a lesson from which our parliamentarians would greatly benefit).

I run for a bunch of reasons: health, aerobic fitness, stress relief, a private time to think, to enjoy the natural beauty of the trail, and more …

On the whole, running is pretty simple and inexpensive. Here are a couple things that I have found useful:

  • Measurement: I like to be aware of how far, fast, and intensely I run or cycle, I love my Garmin;
  • Learning: I like to learn about running and there is much available on the Internet. I have found “Running For Fitness” to be a simple, clear, and very useful resource – be sure to check out the “calculations” tab;
  • Results: Like most, I have my PBs for 5K, 10K, half marathon, and so on – but a result that gives me considerable satisfaction is my RHR which was 48 today.

Hope to see you on the trail, in the meantime …

Gotta run!!!


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